Duke is a gentle giant and easy-going southern gentleman from Texas. He has the most contagious smile, goofiest sitting position, and a great love for back, butt, and belly rubs! He recently went to Northbrook Court and Culver's with some volunteers. It was yucky weather so many dogs were walking there and he navigated through all kinds of dogs, big and small. He walked nicely on his harness sometimes giving a little pull toward them but was easily redirected. The volunteers fed him a cheeseburger by hand which he ate with very nice manners but passed on the fries. Duke previously lived in a loving foster home where we learned so much about him! His foster parents told us that he enjoyed spending time with his human companions above anything else - whether he is cuddling in bed receiving pets or going on a nice walk. Duke has wonderful leash manners, and is pretty social and easy-going when meeting new friends. He is known to be the first to the door to greet people. He entertains himself with toys, and he makes sure to entertain his humans whenever he gets the zoomies! He has no issues being approached by or being around children of all ages so he can certainly be adopted into a family with kids, but since he is a larger and friendlier dog he may accidentally bump into and knock down or overwhelm a baby or toddler due to his size alone. His bark is also loud and deep and he can sometimes bark to alarm people of something happening, so it may not be the best living in a home with little ones who frequently nap during the day, as well. But for visiting children and ones he meets in public he is such a sweet boy! In his foster home, Duke initially played, ran, and cuddled with the other two dogs. However after getting settled, he started protecting his things (toys, food, couches) from the other dogs. He was still happy to share with humans and fully trusted the humans with his food. Therefore Duke should be the only dog in the house. He could still socialize with other dogs in a controlled environment without food or toys. Duke seemed fully housebroken once he was given guidance in the new home and at first was taken out extra times to learn the routine-great foster work! As is common with many pets, Duke is on medication to manage his allergies. This has reduced his allergic reactions significantly so we do recommend continuing this when he goes home. Email our Foster Coordinator at to find out more about Duke and set-up a meet and greet!