Ellie is such a lovebug. She rubs against your legs and looks up at you with a sweet doggy smile while you scratch her sides and ears. Ellie literally prances when she walks and has a constantly wagging tail. She especially enjoys finding any squishy or plush toy within a 5 mile radius and ripping it to shreds. But then again, what dog doesn't like to let loose when it comes to toys? Ellie has gone to our Hawthorn Mall showcase in Vernon Hills multiple times and always has a blast! She does amazingly with humans of all ages and takes treats very gingerly, especially when they are being given to her by a child. Ellie already knows some basic commands like sit, down, and shake. She'll gladly show off her skills for you, so long as you compensate her a treat or two. During her stay at Orphans of the Storm so far, we have noticed that she is dog selective, which means that she likes some dogs, but not others. For this reason, we believe she would do best in a home with no other dogs, or if the home does have another dog, a meet and greet would be required. Ellie has already been through so much in the time that we've had her, and she deserves all the love and squishy toys in the world. Make an appointment on our website to come and meet her today.