Maui is a very laid-back boy, and easy to get to know. Once comfortable, he will lean on you in the most adorable way while you give him a rub down. We recently noticed that he has a heart-shaped spot on his tail that is so cute! His beautiful eyes will tell you how grateful he is for all your attention. Maui recently went on a trip to go swimming. He showed us what a perfect car passenger he was and he showed us that balls were his favorite toy! Swimming wasn't his favorite thing, and he ignored other dogs, but he sure enjoyed his outing. He also learned that burgers and ice cream cones are very YUMMY! Come let this boy steal your heart... he will wear it on his tail! Maui recently spent Thanksgiving in a foster home and his foster family loved him! They said, "Maui is such a good boy. He's very cuddly and thinks he's a lap dog. He likes to be by the humans. He is responsive to commands. He loves to play fetch with a tennis ball. He seemed completely disinterested in cats and ignored our cat while he was here. He made himself right at home very quickly. Maui is a wonderful, sweet, silly dog that seems to be very easygoing and chill."