Snow sits without even being asked when it's time to put her leash on-both when she's in her kennel, and when she's in the yard. She would be eager to learn even more tricks! Snow is super snuggly. When she's off-leash in the yard, Snow immediately sits down next to whoever is with her and just wants to cuddle. When you eventually get up and walk away, Snow comes over and stands in front of you so you have to stop and pet her more. She particularly likes getting her sides rubbed. Snow is a good walking companion. She makes her way around the trail at a nice pace. Snow sometimes perks up when a chipmunk or bird crosses her path, but she doesn't try to chase after them. She especially enjoys rolling around on her back in the tall grasses. Snow regularly attends play group and does well with the calm and gentle dogs. She has potential to go home with another dog, but she does not like cats. Come in soon to meet Snow!