Meet all of our cats

Please visit our new cat wing, where you will find dozens of cats. Below is a selection of beautiful cats waiting for adoption.

Kenzo came to us a shy kitty but has blossomed in the care of a foster home. From the moment you meet him, Kenzo's friendly disposition and affectionate nature shine brightly, earning him the title of a total love bug. Kenzo's playful spirit is evident in his choice of toys - sticks capture his attention like nothing else, providing hours of entertainment It's not just playtime that brings Kenzo joy; he revels in the simple pleasures of belly rubs and head scratches, melting into a puddle of contentment. This sociable kitty is a true ambassador of harmony, getting along famously with dogs, cats, and children alike. His easygoing nature and adaptable personality make him the perfect addition to any household, where he eagerly embraces the companionship of furry friends and humans alike. Are you ready to open your heart and home to this delightful feline companion? Kenzo is waiting to embark on a lifetime of cuddles with you!