Meet all of our cats

Please visit our new cat wing, where you will find dozens of cats. Below is a selection of beautiful cats waiting for adoption.

Meet Kitty, the enchanting feline with a heart as golden as her fur. With her stunning orange/buff coat and captivating gaze, Kitty embodies grace and beauty from the tips of her whiskers, down to her toes. Kitty was adopted from OOTS as a kitten and sadly had to return when her owner moved to an assisted living facility. Kitty's affectionate nature shines through on her OWN terms, particularly when indulged with chin and forehead scratches. When it comes to playtime, Kitty has discerning tastes. She enjoys the whimsical allure of wand toys, excluding the ones with bells. Laser pointers and cat trees, however, hold a special place in her heart, providing the perfect outlets for her playful spirit. In the culinary realm, Kitty has her own set of preferences. Delighting in pates and gravies, she turns her nose up at shredded or chunky foods, and surprisingly, she's not a fan of tuna, however, her discerning palate only adds to her mystique. A socialite among her peers, Kitty displays a friendly attitude towards other cats, making her an ideal companion for those looking to expand their furry family. Miss Skitty, as she is playfully called by her foster, has a low tolerance for loud noises and excessive commotion. She is seeking a tranquil, serene, and low activity home where she can rest comfortably in love and comfort atop her cat tree. Her unique set of requirements only adds to her charm, and her foster is confident that the perfect home awaits her, where she can truly blossom and thrive. Are you the purrfect person for Kitty?