Meet all of our cats

Please visit our new cat wing, where you will find dozens of cats. Below is a selection of beautiful cats waiting for adoption.

Emma is a queen feline looking for her very own castle! She first arrived at OOTS after being found as a stray, very shy and wary of people. We don't know what happened in her past and we wish she could tell us, but we have been working hard at helping her trust humans again. She did not seem to have any issues with being around other cats at the shelter. She recently went into a loving foster home where we have been learning more about her in a home environment and she has been able to receive one-one-one care and socialization. Her foster has been wonderful at trying to help Emma become comfortable and to learn that people want to love her. We now know that she LOVES catnip and it will cause her to have excited zoomies! She also enjoys fishing wand toys (sometimes when she catches it, she will carry it off which is so cute and funny!), a good hidey hole, a nice and cozy napping spot (her favorite place in her foster home is a closet), a scratching post she can stretch out on while scratching (keeps her nails naturally trimmed!), and eating a variety of foods (she prefers to have different flavors and textures available for each meal so she doesn't get bored of the same thing!). In her forever home, she will take some extra time to decompress when she first arrives. She would do best in a quiet home where she can gradually become acquainted with her new environment. We recommend Emma to someone who has experience in handling shy and fearful kitties and understands patience and space are important in gaining trust. She enjoys her independence, so she will be a great fit for someone looking for a cat who is not very needy, clingy, or attention-seeking. Come meet this gorgeous girl, who we know will be the perfect pet for her perfect family!