Meet all of our cats

Please visit our new cat wing, where you will find dozens of cats. Below is a selection of beautiful cats waiting for adoption.

Hootie is a spunky, rambunctious boy. He is energetic and playful. He loves other animals, including dogs. He will catch your eye with his gorgeous markings, but he will require an adopter that considers the challenges he comes with. Quick notes (elaborated below): Adult only home. Needs experienced cat owner. Potential to live with both cats and dogs. Very mouthy. Any potential adopter needs to understand that he will need a home with boundaries and patience. Hootie almost always uses his mouth or paws to play. His claws don't come out often when he smacks at you, but it is something to be mindful of when playing with him. His biggest challenge is being too mouthy and playing a bit too roughly. He never learned that light biting is not an acceptable way to play. He will put his mouth on you, not often biting down hard. But if at this point he continues to be overstimulated, he may bite down harder. Hootie must be in an adult only home with someone experienced and able to read cat body language. Hootie is extremely playful and loves feather sticks, laser pointers, and catnip-filled plush toys. These are great tools to redirect his playful energy. Hootie becomes energetic at night and enjoys racing around the home. He would probably enjoy a home with lots of space to run around and many windows to watch the outside world. While he is a very playful cat, he is not a cuddler. He grows attached to the humans he lives with and enjoys being near them. If you leave the room he will often follow you and if you leave the home he tends to cry. He likes to sit on the back of the couch and the foot of the bed. Sometimes he even likes to sleep in the bed on the pillow above your head overnight. Hootie will let you hold him and pet him (preferably on the head). But he does become overstimulated somewhat quickly and that's when his mouthy behavior might surface. When overwhelmed he gives clear signs that he needs a break, so it is important for his family to respect his boundaries. Hootie really enjoys other animals! He'd do great in a home with other cats that are high energy, playful cats that like to run around the house. Hootie enjoys chasing other cats and can sometimes be "too much" for them, so he would not be an ideal fit for older or calmer cats. He likes dogs and will play by lightly smacking them in the face with his paw. With proper introduction, he could thrive with other animals in the home! Adopters must be aware of this mouthy behavior and be willing to work with him! It will take structured play, redirection, and consistent positive reinforcement. Even the occasional rough play session will confuse the process of training him to understand that rough, mouthy play is not acceptable. If you're looking for an active cat, Hootie is the boy for you! He needs to learn his manners, but his curiosity and playfulness will bring a fun energy to your home guaranteed.