The first step to becoming a volunteer is to create a profile in VolunteerHub. Simply provide basic personal information, let us know which volunteer opportunities interest you, read and agree to the volunteer handbook, and complete a liability waiver.

We’ll email you back with the next steps for the role or roles you want to help with.

Volunteer Roles by Age

Offsite Adoption Volunteer (with adult supervision)

  • Offsite Adoption Volunteer
  • Dog Enrichment
  • Offsite Adoption Volunteer
  • Dog Enrichment
  • Cat Enrichment
  • Shelter Greeter
  • Dog Walking

Other Ways to Support Our Mission

There are many other ways to support our work, including fundraisers, sponsoring an event at your school, work, or community center to benefit Orphans, collecting newspapers and blankets, or inviting a representative of Orphans to come to speak to your group or company to help spread the word about our lifesaving work.

You may even have your own exciting ideas that we could work with you to help further our mission!

Orphans of the Storm relies on the generosity of its volunteers to further our mission of finding homes for the stray and abandoned dogs and cats of Lake County and beyond. We could not do our crucial work without you. We look forward to meeting you!

For questions, please contact us at volunteer@orphansofthestorm.org