Foster Cats

Asher is a misunderstood kitty who is affectionate but within his own limitations. Too much stimulation and this kitty can be a bit overbearing. He is a very active cat that will require an active lifestyle. Since he can get overstimulated easily, it would be best to have electronic toys around that can turn on by motion. Throwing him jingle balls to play with or using wand toys/laser pointers can also help with this. He LOVES feather wond toys. We started him on some medicine to see if it would help with his overstimulation and it has done wonders! He's much more relaxed and calm on it. He has been tolerant with being handled more. But he still can get overstimulated. He is very treat motivated and is just waiting for the right paticent person to give him the time to feel comfortable with them. Once you break through his barrier and become his person he is all kisses and loves to hold hands and is a fanstaic cat if given the chance and time.