Reggie, a Male Labrador/Mix age 1 year 0 months.

From Amy's blog: Reggie the one-year-old Labrador Retriever mix has lots of energy! Reggie ran a few laps around the yard before slowing down to sniff and explore. He wasn’t overly interested in playing fetch, but poked some of the toys with his nose. Reggie politely sniffed Clyde when they were on opposite sides of the fence, as well as when we passed Clyde on leash during our walk around the woodland preserve. Reggie likes to take breaks from romping around in order to get pet. He put his front paws in my lap on multiple occasions so I could scratch his neck and ears. Reggie likes to walk at a quick pace, but doesn’t pull on the leash too much. He has a great doggy smile and always looks happy. Stop by the shelter soon and say hello to Reggie! Thanks!

Estimated Age: 1 year
Kennel #81
Tag #D54985
Reggie, a Male Labrador/Mix age 1 year 0 months.

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