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I took Gus for an outing today. He is a big boy – so big that his front paws are practically the same size as my hands! But don’t let his size intimidate you. Gus is a big softie. He put his paws in my lap and gave me some doggy kisses. He also enjoyed getting a belly rub. When I sat down on the bench, he rolled right over next to my feet and licked my hand and arm while I pet him. Gus seemed a little unsure when he first came out of his kennel and kept looking up at me as we made our way to the woodland preserve. Once we got there, though, Gus was eager to get a move on. His walk is the same pace as my run, so we walked/ran most of the way around. Gus also liked having a chance to stop and sniff every once in a while. This handsome boy was already getting a lot of attention when I was there, so if you think he might be the one for you, come in soon to say hello to Gus! Thanks, Amy!

German Shepherd/Mix
Estimated Age: 6 years
Kennel #44
Tag #D53505

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