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Ernesto is super sweet and mellow, which makes sense given his breed. Wherever we went, Ernesto was calm and steady. He didn’t pay any attention to the other dogs we passed during our walk. He does a great job on the leash and didn’t pull at all. Ernesto likes to give doggy kisses. Whenever we knelt down to pet him, he would reciprocate with a kiss on the nose. He has an adorably sweet face that still looks a little puppy-ish. Ernesto’s fur isn’t at its full fluffiness at the moment, but he’s still plenty soft, especially around his ears. If you’re looking for an easy-going pooch, look no further than Ernesto! Get acquainted with this dog off leash in one of our family run areas. Most dogs will need to run off some energy before they settle down and get acquainted with you. Thanks!

Great Pyrenees/Mix
Estimated Age: 3 years
Kennel #94
Tag #D53089

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