photo of Harley

Harley’s golden eyes will melt your heart! He loves a good scratch on the neck or the side or the butt -- he’s not picky. He may pull when he first comes out of his kennel but settles down nicely, walking great on a harness with a front clip. He is often checking in with his walker for another treat -- such a great thing for training! He is lovingly known as Headbutt Harley because he does like to jump up with a torpedo kiss that isn’t always accurate. Be careful putting his harness on because that’s when you are prime for a kiss! Get acquainted with this dog off leash in one of our family run areas. Most dogs will need to run off some energy before they settle down and get acquainted with you. Thanks!

Staffordshire Bull/Boxer
Estimated Age: 4 years
Kennel #55
Tag #D52981

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