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Baloo is a little shy but super sweet. Many dogs are off and running when they first come out of their kennel, but the first thing Baloo did was sit by our feet so we could pet him. We think it’s safe to say that one of Baloo’s favorite things is getting petted because we took many cuddle breaks. Once Baloo spent more time with us, he was also happy to give some doggy kisses. Baloo is one of the best walking companions. He heels without being told and was so close to us that our legs were touching his side with almost every step. The only way he could have been closer is if he stood on our feet! Baloo didn’t pull on the leash once. We must have told him, “You’re perfect!” about 50 times. If you’re looking for a sweet puppy who already knows his manners, come in soon to meet Baloo! Get acquainted with this dog off leash in one of our family run areas. Most dogs will need to run off some energy before they settle down and get acquainted with you. Thanks!

Labrador/Mountain Cur
Estimated Age: 1 year, 5 months
Kennel #10
Tag #D52809

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