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Scout is unable to see with his eyes, but seems to get around fine using his nose, his ears and the person who walks him. Would do well in a quiet and loving house with a person to be his eyes for him. He would make an amazing family member and seems incredibly resilient! He is very in tune to his person, is extremely mellow, and does well with all people and other animals. Orphans has taken care of his eye surgery and has brought him to this point...stop by and meet him - he`ll blow you away! Amazing dog. He had his eyes surgically removed so he wouldn`t have pain any more. From the blog: If you just saw Scout walking on a leash around the neighborhood, you wouldn’t even know he was blind! Scout has no problem leading the way on walks and mostly lets his nose be his guide. He just sometimes needs occasional extra steering so he doesn’t knock into things. Scout gets along with people and other dogs. He was lying in his kennel when we came over, but as soon as we said his name he popped right up to say hello. He likes being petted and snuggled. Scout uses his other senses to help get around and was particularly interested in listening to people play golf on the course next to the shelter. Scout would probably do best in a calmer home with a family that doesn’t plan on rearranging the furniture often. Stop in soon to let Scout show you what a special and lovable boy he is!

Estimated Age: 5 years
Kennel #20
Tag #D52542

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