Skippy is a gentle, lovable dog who has had years of experience in a home. Skippy was anxious and stressed at the shelter but now is in a foster home and doing great. He lives with a dog his size and gets along great with him. He tends to chase cats so a cat-less home is best. He is a very laid back boy who enjoys shorter walks and lounging in cozy beds for most of the day. He is 100% house trained and doesn't mind the crate, either! He has a very soft and gentle demeanor - he loves to cuddle and will softly nudge you with his nose to say, "pet me! He is so low maintenance and really doesn't ask for more than a warm place to relax. Because of his age and low energy level, we recommend that he lives in a home with older children or adults. He is very smart and attentive to his humans. If you are looking for an easy and loving companion, look no further! Please contact the shelter if interested and they will our you in touch with Skippys foster mom.