Ramen is big old, sweetheart. He can still rock the puppy eye look and melt your heart. He loves to get pets while out in the play yard and will come to check in with you when you have tasty treats to share. Ramen walks nicely on a leash and really enjoys his morning walks. He would be a perfect companion to go through life with. He recently went out on a field trip with his volunteer friends and they said, " We took Ramen to Meadow Hill Park in NB. We love him so much! Things we learned: he's definitely housebroken, he's not who he presents in his kennel as he's a chill happy guy, he loves riding in the car and would love being a copilot, he was chill with children, dogs and maintenance equipment/people, he loves to give slobbery kisses but isn't clingy, he loves Culver's burgers, he'd make a great find for someone who just wants to love a dog who doesn't require anything besides love. We hope he finds his forever people soon!" Come meet Ramen!