Meet Mr. Brightside. He's coming out of his (kennel) and he's been doing just fine! This handsome man is as iconic as the song. He is very friendly with people and has a very agreeable personality. He loves to play, explore, and spend time outside with his people friends. Mr. Brightside LOVES rough chew squeaky toys and would love a home that showers him with different toys to chew on. This big boy is affectionate, goofy, playful, and full of joy. Mr. Brightside must go to a home with no other animals. He is uncomfortable with other dogs. His behavior with other dogs isn't meant to be mean, but he does not have the proper social skills to live in a home with another dog. He also does not like cats and can't live in a home with them. Mr. Brightside wants to be the star and the only apple of your eye. But don't worry, he's got enough love to give you all you need. This boy is a volunteer and staff favorite, and has unfortunately been overlooked due to his single pet home requirement. So open up your eager eyes, and adopt Mr. Brightside!