Our sweet Butler was lucky enough to live in a foster home for a while, and here are all the great things his foster family has to say about him! "Butler is awesome in the house and the backyard! He is super sweet and so eager to please! He learns so fast! He already knew "sit" and "down." Now he knows "stay" and other random things that we use to make our life easier like "go up the stairs" when he comes running to the front door - it's literally "go back up the entryway stairs" and wait so we can get inside. He knows "don't go around behind me" which all my dogs learned means unwrap yourself and your leash from behind me so we don't get all tangled up. He does a great "down-stay" on his towel next to Charlotte when we're eating dinner. And so much more! He gets so excited for breakfast and dinner, he hops around but does a perfect sit stay until I give him the ok to eat. Of course he's drooling the whole time and wiggling so hard because he can barely contain himself. He is not food aggressive or toy aggressive with people (he does snap at Charlotte if she gets near one of his bones, he's kind of a hoarder with bones, but she doesn't care). I have taken many things away, taken his food away and given it back, put my hand in his food bowl while he's eating (obviously after I knew him and was confident about the outcome) and he's totally fine with it. He loves to play fetch. I've never had a dog who plays fetch! It's so fun! He loves to play tug when he brings something back, but will also "give" when asked and do it all over again. He's not insistent or "buggy" about it either. When I'm done he usually brings whatever it is over to Charlotte to get her to play. I think someone used to "wrestle" with him, because he tried that with us when he first got here. It's not the way we play in this house and he learned really quickly that there's no teeth and even when playing with toys it's his responsibility to make sure no teeth get on the people or the toy goes up on a shelf and play stops. He got on board with that incredibly fast and is very careful for all his bouncy playfulness. Whenever anyone comes home he runs back and forth bringing multiple toys and bones. He's either showing off or trying different toys to find one that we'll play tug with. He's super friendly to any and all visitors, male or female. He only rarely jumps up on people and then gets right off when told (this took a lot of work with my boxers, but almost none with him) He has this funny way of flopping on you if you're lying down. He puts both paws on your chest and shoves his face up. It's hard to describe, but it's really funny and sweet. He plays so well with Charlotte! Once he got over his kennel cough and felt better we realized he has a ton of energy. I often dog-sit for friends' dogs and none of them can keep up with Charlotte, but he can and then some. They play hilarious chase games in the backyard. They wear each other out! They do tend to rearrange the furniture... He loves to chew and has destroyed every stuffed dog toy in the house. Who knew there was that much fluff? But, he has never gone after anything that is not a dog toy. Eg: we leave our shoes in the entryway and he has never touched them. The only "mess" I've come home to was several unravelled skeins of yarn all over the floor and I'm 99% positive that Charlotte started that, because it's the kind of thing she does. If I'm working at the computer he'll come over occasionally and put his head in my lap. Then he will try to climb into my lap which works less well... He loves to cuddle on the couch or in bed, but also sometimes needs some "alone time" and will go upstairs to chew a bone or relax when we're watching tv downstairs. He loves tummy rubs and ear rubs. He gives the sweetest, tiniest "kisses" which are adorably out of place with his bouncy disposition. Butler also has some reactivity to dogs, small animals, and people during walks. He will need a patient and willing owner to help him with these issues. Butler promises to be the best boy he can and try his hardest in training!