Butler is a great boy who has been in two foster homes now. He has lived with another dog who he loved playing with. Butler's foster dad just raves about how great he is. From his Foster dad: "he's a really sweet guy, well behaved listens like a champ. Inside he's made himself at home on all the furniture, doesn't chew on anything. Totally housebroken, will climb up on you when he wants to go out. Loves to play with his toys, especially tugging. He sits patiently waiting for his food, won't eat until he gets the ok. He thinks he's a lap dog and will climb up and lay on your lap for an hour, at night he hops on my bed to check on me, stays awhile then goes back downstairs. He likes his walks has a ton of energy and wants to say hi to everyone, ( dogs & people). He's been really good with the neighbors kids and their puppy. He needs an active household