Delilah is super happy. Her tail is constantly wagging and she always looks like she has a smile on her face. Delilah loves toys and can keep herself occupied by playing fetch with herself, tossing a toy into the air and then jumping up to catch it. Delilah is also very smart. When asked if she's ready to go for a walk, she goes straight to where her leash is hanging on the fence and eagerly waits for it to be clipped on. Delilah loves to snuggle. She will lean into your lap or put her front paws in your lap and cover your face with doggy kisses. She also gives very sweet doggy hugs. When on walks, she starts by wanting to lead the way and can pull a little, but she slows down into a nice walking pace after her initial excitement gets out of her system. Delilah gets along with other dogs and regularly attends play group. She could go to a home with or without another dog, but would thrive with another dog in the home. Delilah would do best with an active family as well who is willing to continue training with her.