I'm currently chilling in a foster home. To inquire about me or to arrange a meeting, please email Looking for a dog that really makes you feel special? Tilly is a shy girl, though she is learning to warm up to strangers quicker by the day. But making you feel special? That's her talent. Once you win her heart, she is your biggest fan. Just get home? She's throwing a party! Going to the bathroom? She's there for moral support. Taking a nap on the couch? She's ready to keep you warm. While Tilly would love a four-legged sibling, two-legged siblings are not for her. Children make very quick movements and loud noises, which startle dogs like Tilly. However, Tilly is already a pro at living in a home and has done well going for walks, staying in her crate while her people are out, and pottying outside.