Sugar is a total sweetheart. She loves getting attention, but she's very mellow about it. She'll just plop down next to you and look at you expectantly until you start petting her, and then she'll wag her tail and poke your hand with her nose when you scratch the right spots. Sugar is also an excellent walking companion. She walks well with a harness and doesn't pull at all, and moves at an easy pace. While Sugar is looking to be the only dog in her new home, when she's out on walks, she doesn't give other dogs a second glance. She loves meeting new people and is friendly with everyone she has met, including some older kids. Sugar is house/potty trained and also knows "sit," "paw" and "come." She has been in foster with a single person and is allowed to sleep on the bed. She reports that Sugar exhibits a bit of separation anxiety, but has not been crate trained. Sugar has some allergies--her foster is working with food ingredient elimination to see what is best. She isn't into to toys but LOVES the Kong with peanut butter and also loves Milkbone dog treats.