Titus loves to give lean on whoever happens to be standing closest to him-and has a big, happy doggy grin on his face while you scratch his ears and sides. Sometimes he's a little overenthusiastic and ends up booping your nose in the process, but he just doesn't realize how tall he is! Titus is very attentive to whoever is holding the other end of his leash and looks up at his person often to check in. He also knows "sit (even sometimes without being asked, if you stand directly in front of him). Titus is a pretty good walking buddy. He sometimes pulls on the leash when he's particularly excited, but overall walks at a nice pace. Titus also loves playing with toys. He will toss them into the air himself and catch them, and then plop down for some chewing. Titus would appreciate a nice yard to call his own, where he can play and sunbathe.