Prince loves playgroup and is the perfect playmate for our rambunctious dogs! This weekend we are waiving adoption fees and we'll have extra staff available to help you introduce your dogs to ours dogs, like PRINCE! Prince likes to give smooches and affection accompanied by a very happy wagging tail. This energetic boy is a star student at obedience class and loves to learn new things. He enjoys romping around the park and playing with a squeaky toy. He's one of those dogs who can play fetch with himself. Prince is a pretty good walking companion, and likes to walk at a quicker pace. He's happy to take a break every once in a while to say hi. Prince gets along with the children he's met, so he could go to the right family home. Consider taking this boy out for a walk and some snuggle time - we think if you meet him, you will love him. Here's hoping he's got the Luck of the Irish this weekend!