Meet all of our cats

Please visit our new cat wing, where you will find dozens of cats. Below is a selection of beautiful cats waiting for adoption.

THE CUTEST LITTLE TRIPOD YOU WILL EVER MEET. Poppy LOVES people and LOVES to play and is looking for LOVE! He needs to be your one and only - no other pets in the house - all the love for him! He also is a huge fan of catnip!! He has the time of his life when he has some! You ready to commit? Poppy has some special needs, though and needs a loving person to see him for the fun and loving boy he is. He had a paralyzed leg amputated to improve his quality of life. But that doesn't stop him from climbing cat trees and being a normal cat. Slight bowel incontinence means he needs a partial bath every day. He even looks forward to them! He is such a loving and playful boy, though - ask to meet with staff about him. He's got some special needs...but he's worth it!!