Meet all of our cats

Please visit our new cat wing, where you will find dozens of cats. Below is a selection of beautiful cats waiting for adoption.

When you meet Cuffs Alister you might have to ask yourself if he was a dog in a past life. He loves to snuggle and give kisses and while he does enjoy playing he also loves to snooze in his bed. If his bed just so happens to be near a window, that's even better! One of Cuffs favorite things to do is eat, and he has no problem letting you know when it's time for a meal. He did have a bit of an outdoor adventure before he came to Orphans so he does sometimes show his feisty side, but he is nothing but a big love. He adapts quickly and is very tolerant of other dogs in the home although he has no problem politely letting them know when they aren't being nice.