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When children discover the adult cat room at Orphans of the Storm, their eyes widen and they smile with delight. They can hardly believe when they are invited to enter this magical realm. Our adult cat room is a special healing place — not only for the resident felines, but also for the visitors who spend time there.

Located in the heart of the shelter, the approach is through our gallery of exceptional pairs and special cats who are also in need of adoptive homes. These cats of all ages find themselves homeless for various reasons and are separated from the adult cat room because they would rather be the only cat or be adopted with their life-mate. As you pass, playful paws sweep out at you from between the bars of cat kennels and curious purrs compete for your attention. You may wish to stop and read a few kennel cards to acquaint yourself with some of these exceptional felines.

As you arrive at the end of the hall — like a path to a secret treasure — a large glass viewing area invites you to take it all in. This adult cat room is home to 150 to 200 cats at any time, all taking up residence together, tempting you to enter, anxious to meet you and each hoping that maybe you could be his special person. Spend some time, meet a few cats and spread the word to your friends — or quite possibly meet your own next best friend.

Our entire cat wing was recently remodeled from the ground up. Now, the cat population enjoys new digs with even more amenities. A kitten atrium has been added just outside the adult cat room. Here, you may interact, through wire screening, with newborns as young as eight weeks. These kittens, mostly arriving as strays, are learning the ropes of kitten life from the few adults that are mixed in. You may see a large male cat from time to time. These males tend to be very motherly towards kittens and may play an important role in their development.

Beyond the cat wing, or cattery, lies the cat clinic and isolation rooms. Here, cats in various states of illness, injury or neglect are loved and nurtured back to health. Motherless kittens are bottle-fed, broken bones are tended to and medications are dispensed. Whether on their first, third or last of nine lives, each is treated with respect and dignity and hopefully graduates to the cattery where they will have the best chance of being adopted.

Our cat wing is open to the public most every day with a population of 300 or more cats and kittens for you to meet at any time. Because of the number of cats we are able to care for, the variety that an adopter has to choose from is huge. Whatever breed, color, age or personality you have in mind, you’ll be able to find just what you are looking for. The most difficult part about visiting Orphans of the Storm’s cat wing is choosing just one.